How To Be A Decent NYC Commuter 

1. Please walk completely into the train cart; we understand that you want to be close to the door when you finally arrive at your stop; but by you selfishly choosing to stand directly at the door you leave no space for people to get on the train. Therefore you ensure all of us will be held in the station even LONGER . 

2. On a standard escalator one side is for standing still while the other side is for WALKING UP THE STAIRS. Granted, I understand there are usually standard staircases to walk up, however that is NOT ALWAYS the case. C’mon ya’ll some of us ( WE ARE NYers ) are in a RUSH. 

3. If you are not providing us with “SHOWTIME” there is no reason for you, or your children (it’s mostly your kids, folks) to be flailing about the train cart. 


City Living: At what cost?


The problem with homelessness in this city (and most societies) is that we as a human race have seemingly forgotten that we are just that; a human race. We begin to see people as literal objects, and walk past them with little to no regard. Almost as if we are walking past a trash can, or stopping to tie our shoe. Yet if we take a second to merely look a little to the left we will see that maybe the person next to us isn’t as fortunate and maybe we should all have a little more compassion and concern for the world that doesn’t revolve around us.